Open Day For Years 2 to 6

As part of our recruitment for season 2010/2011 we will be running an open day for children currently in primary school, this will take place on Saturday 8th May at Palewell Park.
  • 10:00 - 11:30 Current Year 5 and Year 6
  • 11:45 - 13:15 Current Years 2, 3 and 4.

Unfortunately, for this open day we cannot accommodate children in any other year group, however details of our general recruitment policy including contacts are posted on our web site.

Please register when you arrive. Wear football kit including shin pads and boots and bring some water for refreshment.

There will be the opportunity to see a number of our coaches in action, and to meet members of our current squads and some of our age group management team.

Director of Football  - Geoff Parmiter
Head of Mini Soccer - Mel Atkins.

Double Header Rules 2009/10

This is based on the direction from the Surrey Youth League on double headers.

A Double Header is "two games of short duration" that are played back to back. A Fixtures Secretary may order a Double Header when necessary to complete the league program.

The minimum time should be played for both halves of each game (see Clause 10 H - page 69 of the handbook, and 23 (E) (i) page 75). So for example each half in an U13 or U14 double header will be 25 minutes each way. For U11 and U12 it will be 20 minutes each way.

A double header consists of four halves of football making two games. Both games are completely independent, they are two totally different games; they just happen to be played one after the other. Four halves must be played, one game (two halves) cannot count as two games.
  1. The second game can consist of a different set of players and cards should be checked for each game.
  2. Any substitutions, cautions and sending’s off during the first game, do not count in the second game.
  3. It is usual for the second game to be refereed by the same person, but it does not have to be. 

For the purpose of results,
  • The home team are the HOME team for the first game
    • The home team phone in the result for the first game
    • The home team pays the referee for the first game
  • The visitors are the HOME team for the second game. 
    • The visitors phone in the result for the second game
    • The visitors pay the referee for the second game
  • Each teams must complete a Prawn match report for each game.