Presentation Evenings and Awards 2010

Once again, two very successful Presentation Evenings have been held at the Bank of England Sports club on successive Thursday evenings, with the older teams on 13th and the younger on 20th May. Some of you will remember when it was one event but in 2005 it was spread across two evenings because of the growth of the club.

We had a huge attendance at both, proving that we are indeed one of the biggest and well supported clubs in the League. A total of 292 trophies were presented to a lot of very happy players, and that's what it's all about. Happy boys playing the game they love.

All the boys received trophies and are winners, football is a team game, but as always we did give out awards to individuals in each squad.

Team Players Player Manager's Player Most Improved Sportsmanship


Oliver S

Charlie B

Thomas W

Harry B


Jake B

Joe M-C

Jota Y

Joey M-C

U9s Pride 

Anton B

Joshua R

Joseph W

Gustav D


Ivan L

Oliver S

Alessandro W

Laurence J

U10s Pride

Felix R

Finn H

Oliver W

Aurelius Z

U10s Rangers

Milo G

Lawrie B

Mac R

William B


Levi B

Levi B

Stefan F

Matthew G

U11s Pride

William S

James B

Bradley D

Shinya M


Sam T

Luca B

Jack U

Oskar H

U12s Pride

James R

George B

Andrew P

Alex O


Joel A

Luke P

Ethan I

Scott J

U13s Pride

Oscar H

Jamie C

Henry N

Louis I


Nathan S-M

Chris B-S

Nick R

Sam L

U14s Pride

Oliver K

Alex C

Theo K

Eric H


Josh A

Joe W

Charlie H

Luke A


Tom H

Rex P

Gus D

Jack P

Sheen Lions is very grateful to our coaches, most of them attend both evenings because they coach teams across the age range. The football would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of the Managers and other parents who put so much time in. You have all earned your Sheen Lions tee shirt this year!

Without exception every speech at the evenings acknowledged the contribution of our Club Secretary Sarah Street, she makes it all happen and everyone at the Club is very grateful for the huge amount of time that she gives to youth football.

Now we have to prepare for next season.

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