Last Minute Drama In The Rain

The rain effected all the football in Surrey today with over half the scheduled games being called off including our U12 Lions, only one of our two teams scheduled managed to play today.

The other game was of course the Surrey U15 County Cup Final and it is great credit to the Chipstead ground staff that there were able to host the U14 and U15 finals today though unfortunately the U16 final to be played last was cancelled.

U15 County Cup
at Chipstead FC

For the record in the U14 Final Guilford Saints beat Carshalton Athletic 1-0 in extra time in heavy rain. Everyone though the winner was a wild shot going way over but the intense head wind almost stopped the ball and it dropped into the goal.

The U15 final was remarkable and must have been the best football entertainment in England today. There is now a detailed report but briefly:

Sutton were very sharp up front in the first half, scored two in the first 10 mins. Sheen at last settled down and had a good twenty minutes but Sutton exploded again, scored another two for a 0-4 lead. Ben H gave Sheen an outside chance when he chased down a hopeful long ball and nicked it from the Sutton keeper who was trying to see it out, some quick footwork and a cross allowed Luke H to make it 1-4  before half time.

Sheen competed well in a far more even second half and with around 20 minutes left it became remarkable. Ben H scored from a free kick out on the left touchline, then Harry scored from outside the 18 yard box. Could this happen! Five minutes left and Charlie P levelled it at 4-4 from close in. As the game went in to time added on Sutton were denied three or four chances by the excellent George in goal; but in the 6th minute a free kick cross came in and they scrambled the winner from close in to take the Cup 4-5.

Afterwards our U15 Manger Michael Morgan said:

Wow what a day.

Firstly I would like to thank the team for a spirited performance and an almost unforgettable come back.
As a manager/coach it was so nice to hear that lots of people thought we were the better team and played the better football. Even though the result went against us "THAT'S FOOTBALL".


Secondly to all the parents' and supporters for braving the weather, my god you are a rowdy lot aren't especially when we scored the third and fourth goal, if anything lifted the boys to produce what they did it was certainly the noise you made so THANK YOU for your support.

Sheen Make it 4-4

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